Efficient Patient Transfer with Scoop Stretcher: Enhance Medical Transport Procedures

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Product description

Introducing our Detachable Aluminum Alloy Stretcher – a versatile solution for secure patient transfers. Crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy, it ensures durability. With a detachable design and hinge devices, it’s ideal for fractured and serious patients, reducing further harm. Operators can easily use it without moving the patient, and its length is adjustable. The narrow foot frame offers stability, making it perfect for hospitals, sports events, and ambulances. Elevate your patient care with this essential stretcher for professionals and responders.


  • High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Construction: Crafted from robust aluminum alloy, this stretcher is built to last, ensuring durability and reliability in critical situations.
  • Detachable Design with Hinge Devices: Designed for ease of use, the stretcher features a detachable design with hinge devices. This makes it ideal for handling fractured and seriously injured patients, minimizing the risk of further harm during transfer.
  • Adjustable Length: The stretcher’s length is adjustable, providing flexibility to accommodate patients of various sizes and conditions. This adaptability enhances its usability in diverse medical scenarios.
  • Narrow Foot Frame for Stability: Equipped with a narrow foot frame, this stretcher offers enhanced stability during patient transport, making it a suitable choice for use in hospitals, sports events, and ambulances where steady and secure transport is essential.
  • Versatile Professional and Responder Use: This stretcher is designed to meet the needs of medical professionals and first responders, elevating the standard of patient care in various healthcare and emergency settings.


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