HeartStart HS1 AED Trainer with Remote Control

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HeartStart HS1 AED Trainer with remote control

The HeartStart HS1 AED Trainer simulates how the HearStart HS1 AED will operate during a real-life sudden cardiac arrest event. Clear confident voice instructions provide easy to follow directions. The HeartStart Trainer provides a variety of simulations, or training scenarios (8), to help responders acquire and demonstrate the basic skills necessary to use the HeartStart HS1 in an emergency.

The new remote control version eliminates the need for additional cumbersome metal straps and improves realism for the student. The instructor is free to control each scenario from a distance.

May be used on any manikin.

Guidelines 2010 compliant.

HeartStart Trainer includes one each of the following:

Heartstart Trainer, Adult Training Pads Cartridge, Carry Case, Remote Control


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